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Our Services

Our Services
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We work closely with golf brands and golf clubs around the world to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

Golf Tee and Ball Recycling

Tees and Balls

Green Golf Recycle is dedicated to the responsible recycling of golf tees and golf balls. Our commitment extends beyond mere recycling as we also reuse the plastic collected from the tees to establish additional recycling points on golf courses. Through cutting-edge technology, we efficiently separate all materials during the recycling process, ensuring maximum efficiency and environmental impact. 

Holding Golf Clubs

Clubs, bags and apparell

Recycled Plastic

Pro shop Recycling point 

We take pride in our comprehensive golf club recycling program. Whether it's an old set collecting dust in your garage or your custom-fitting equipment, we recycle it all. Our end-of-life golf club recycling scheme is designed to minimize waste sent to landfills while ensuring a transparent chain of custody throughout the process. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and responsible disposal.

Green Golf has introduced recycling points at various pro shops, strategically placed to divert textiles and golf clubs away from landfills. These convenient facilities are open to both members and visitors, underscoring the golf club's dedication to promoting sustainability across multiple locations.

Golf Course Aerial Shot

Here to help.

Contact us today to discuss your sustainability journey.

Green Golf enthusiastically welcomes opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners who are committed to fostering environmental sustainability within the realm of golf. We firmly believe that by joining forces with such individuals and organizations, we can collectively work towards creating a golfing experience that is not only enjoyable but also eco-conscious, contributing to a greener and more responsible future for the sport.

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