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About us

About us
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Who are we?

We are a recycling company dedicated to promoting sustainability within the golf industry. We specialize in recycling golfing materials, implementing waste management strategies, and driving environmental initiative

We offer a range of services including golf tee recycling, golf club recycling, recycling of electronic waste, data erasure, customized recycling programs, and more. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions to minimize waste and promote sustainability.


Green Golf has formed a partnership with Asset Lifecycles Management, a company specializing in cleaning up the computer and electrical waste sector.


Inspired by this collaboration, we have expanded our mission to assist other industries in their journey towards environmental cleanliness.


Led by a former PGA member and playing professional, our team is deeply passionate about creating a cleaner world for future generations. We strive to proactively address potential threats to our planet and stay ahead of the curve to prevent any catastrophic effects on the environment we call home.

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